Basic 4 Slot Model

Dimensions:W 23” x H 37” x D 18”
Weight:170 lb
Temperature Range:40F – 65F
Voltage:110V 2A
Front View Specifications
Dimensions:W 23” x H 22” x D 14”
Weight:60 lb
Temperature Range:N/A
Voltage:110V 2A
Front View Specifications


Vino-Barista’s oxidizing prevention technology has been verified by the following institutions:

ETS Laboratories (USA)

Vino-Barista has been tested and proved by ETS Laboratory in Napa, CA. An accredited, enological testing laboratory.

Test: Two red and white wine varieties were applied the Vino-Barista method and capped with the Vino-Barista Plug. The wines were analyzed at three day intervals using the dispensing Vino-Barista Shooter unit until exhausted at 36 days. Analyzed samples concluded the differential uptake of dissolved oxygen observed would not have significant negative sensory impact over the 36 day test period. Samples analyzed for dissolved oxygen taken throughout the 36 day period showed between 1.5 and 1.9 ml/L.

Conclusion: No exposure of wine to oxygen when using the Vino-Barista system. The wines tested did not show any change in wine oxygen levels. 100% Preserved!

Japan Food Research Laboratories

Applied Vino-Barista Method: No Wine Oxidation

Test: The Vino-Barista cork-changer was attached to the bottle and was used to extract the cork while replacing it with a replacement plug. This was performed on seven bottles and a couple bottles were opened and not applied any method. During a period of seven days the bottles were analyzed to measure the level of oxygen remaining inside of the bottle. Tests showed that the bottles using the Vino-Barista method did not show an increase in oxygen levels while the bottles without the system had increased.

Time ElapsedOxygen (mg)/LTemp. (Celsius)
1 day
2 days
3 days
6 days
7 days

Test results by Oxygen Analyzer Device (DOL-40Type, DKK Corporation)

Conclusion: Vino-Barista prevented an increase in oxygen levels while the other bottles tested without using the system had increased. Vino-Barista is a proven method to prevent wine from oxidizing. 100% Preserved.


We understand that each and every client has different needs unique to their interior design and wine program, so we created a design to order system solution. This allows the client to customize their wine server system to meet their needs. Please contact us for further information.

Custom 24 slot Model (Wall Mount Type)

The quality of Vino-Barista system has been recognized and used by many wine professionals including:
  • Mr. Kazuyoshi Kogai, the current President of ASI (Association of the Sommelier International) installed and uses Vino-Barista within 6 restaurants managed by him.
  • “Academie du Vin Tokyo & Osaka” wine schools; Japan’s most reputable wine school for sommeliers installed this system to help train future sommeliers.
  • Located in Tokyo, Japan, a prestigious French restaurant called Maxim’s De Paris Akasaka has a custom 56 bottle system and is offering ultra premium wines, such as Romanee-Conti, by the glass. Their annual wine sale is over 4.5 million dollars.

Many wine professionals call this machine a “Dream System!” Here is why:

NOW  your establishment can offer premium wines that have never been offered by the glass, while tremendously increasing your wine sales.

NOW  you can pair up any premium wine with your dinner courses to create the perfect dining experience, as well as upmost customer satisfaction.

NOW  you can create a wine program that will not only set you apart from your competitors, but will give you the “buzz” factor that will bring in new clientele.

NOW  your establishment can turn those premium wines that have been sitting in your wine cellar for many years into profit!

NOW  you can offer an ultra premium wine sampler that you’ve dreamt about. Wouldn’t it be great to offer the different years of Romanee-Conti as a wine sampler?

“Truly a Sommelier’s Dream and a Wine Lover’s Fantasy.”