How does the Vino-Barista system differ from other systems on the market?
Other systems on the market are not able to open the wine bottle without exposing the wine to oxygen. When they open the bottle, the wine is exposed to air and then applied a method to slow down oxidation.

Vino-Barista is the only system in the world that has zero exposure of wine to oxygen, even when you uncork the bottle, due to its patent technology. It keeps the wine fresh always regardless of the length of time. It is the only system that 100% preserves the wine and completely prevents oxidation.
Is it easy to use and maintain?
Vino-Barista is easy to use, maintain and clean. Unlike other dispensing systems, Vino-Barista does not require any tubing.
How long will a bottle of wine last when using the Vino-Barista system?
Vino-Barista was tested in Japan for over a period of eight months and the results were 100% wine preservation; the wine was never exposed to oxygen and therefore never oxidized. If using the Vino-Barista system properly, the wine will never change its quality and be preserved indefinitely.
Does it come with any warranties?
Yes, all Vino-Barista products come with a one year parts and labor warranty.
How would using this system increase a restaurants profit from wine sales?
This system has helped many restaurants increase their wine sales by up to 300% by offering a larger wine by the glass program, including premium to ultra premium wines by the glass. Restaurants will also create more revenue by eliminating waste on every wine they offer.
What are your finance options?
We offer a variety of finance options including a "free on loan" program, where you can qualify to receive a free system with a minimum purchase of plugs a month. We also have a leasing option as well. To find out if you qualify to receive a free system, please contact us.
What size wine bottles fit in this system?
Vino-Barista can fit any size wine bottle between 375 ml to 1.5 liter. (Magnum bottle)