Vino-Barista vs. Other Systems

Vino-Barista is the only system in the world that has zero exposure of wine to oxygen, even when you uncork the bottle, due to its patent technology. It keeps the wine fresh always regardless of the length of time and the quality of the wine never changes. It is the only system that 100% preserves the wine and completely prevents oxidation. It is also very easy to use, maintain and clean.

Other systems on the market are not able to open the wine bottle without exposing the wine to oxygen. When they open the bottle, the wine is exposed to air and then applied a method to slow down oxidation. Some of the systems also use tubing, which can be tedious to clean and sanitize.

Preservation Level Wine Preserving Method Cork Extraction Environment Length of Time Wine is Exposed to Oxygen Other Features Results
High Vino-Barista, Wine Preservation & Dispensing System Argon Gas: Wine Never Exposed to Air ZERO Wine Dispenser 100% Preserved: Quality of Wine Unchanged
Medium Preservation Wine Cabinet & Dispensing Systems Wine Exposed to Air then Applied Argon Gas Short* Wine Dispenser Wine Oxidation Occurs But Slowed
Argon Gas Injection Method Wine Exposed to Air then Applied Argon Gas Short* None Wine Oxidation Occurs But Slowed
Low Air Vacuum Method Wine Exposed to Air User Discretion* None Wine Oxidation Occurs But Slowed
*Depends on how long it takes the user to re-seal after opening. Estimated time: Under 2 min.

With Vino-Barista, we figured that if you are going to serve an opened bottle of wine by the glass, each serving has to be fresh and served in its untainted, natural state no matter how long it's been opened. Vino-Barista was developed to meet these standards.

By the Glass Criteria Requirement Vino-Barista
Wine Preservation System
Other Commercial Wine
Preservation Methods
Wine Freshness Displacement of oxygen with nitrogen or argon gas from moment of opening bottle ZERO exposure of oxygen to wine from time of cork extraction to last drop of wine in bottle. Wine exposed to air from time of cork extraction, therefore oxidation occurs.
Untainted, Natural State of Wine Minimal nitrogen or argon gas pressure injection Vino-Barista uses a minimal level of N2 gas pressure (0.003 Mpa) or argon Gas into bottle so as not to affect the wine's aroma's and flavors. Other methods inject several times more nitrogen or argon gas pressure than Vino-Barista which puts stress on the wine leading to possible negative effects on aroma and taste.
Gravity dispensing Vino-Barista's Shooter dispenser uses gravity to "pour" the wine (as would one normally do) into the wine glass. Other methods use high gas pressure to "push" the wine out into the glass which again puts stress on the wine leading to possible negative effects on aroma and taste.
Hygienic Dispensing Environment Wine is poured directly from the spout into the Shooter cup to the wine glass, a short distance from bottle to glass without tubing. Also, very hygienic and easy to clean. Just rinse with warm water. Wine travels through long re-usable plastic/silicon tubing. After each serving, wine remnants are left behind within the tube and exposed to air making it prone to bacteria buildup and unwanted odors.